Who We Are

We're not just a company. We're a community that's growing.

Our mission

We are committed to embedding environmental, social, and governance best practices into everyday digital business actions to address the climate crisis and improve the wellbeing of the global community. We are on a mission to help businesses tangibly do well and do good.


Ray Horan, CEO

It was in a job as an auditor early in Ray's career that he first encountered the field of ESG, and has been interested in getting involved ever since. Ray sees the recent shift in online advertising and tracking as a unique opportunity to marry digital marketing with the desire for companies to give back and reduce their carbon footprint, while reducing the irrelevant noise business buyers encounter daily.


Christopher Even, CTO

A serial entrepreneur with deep sales communication skills and technical abilities, Christopher has always been excited by solving how to apply technology in unique ways. He has a long proven track record of building technology companies and running large development organizations in addition to being a full stack developer and architect across many technologies.


Augusta Nichols-Even, COO [Green Warrior]

A big believer in businesses achieving profit and value through values, Augusta has swung away from technology several times to open an organic cafe, work in urban farming, and sit on the boards of charitable foundations. There's a certain joy in puzzling how to put marketing and corporate sustainability to work planting trees in order to realize this long held belief.

Great things are brought about through the efforts of many hands

We didn't just set out to build a climate-focused news and information destination and marketing platform. We set out to help heal the planet through small daily actions made by many.

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It's easy to fight climate change

Visiting OneSeed Media just once a day helps counteract the effects of climate change. The solution starts with climate-conscious business leaders creating similar engagement rewards for their stakeholders using OneSeed Marketing. The more users play, the more we all sway.