Who We Are

We're not just a company, we're a community that's growing.

Our mission

We are committed to embedding environmental action into everyday business operations to address the climate crisis and improve the wellbeing of the global community. We are on a mission to help businesses and individuals tangibly do well and do good.

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Impact you can see

Every tree planted through our regenerative reforestation projects provides layers of benefits beyond carbon sequestration, all visible through our digital tree & forest experience.

Habitat restoration
Community livelihoods
Soil restoration
Water purification
Biodiversity restoration
Food security , and more

Great things are brought about through the efforts of many hands

We didn't just set out to build a climate-focused news and information destination and marketing platform. We set out to help heal the planet through small daily actions made by many.


It's easy to fight climate change

In our global battle against climate change, forests stand as unsung heroes, tirelessly capturing carbon, cooling our planet, and preserving vital wildlife habitats while orchestrating the delicate water cycle.

Nature's 400 million year old marvel, trees are a solution at our fingertips, ready for large-scale deployment today.