Integrate climate action into your business

Add transparent reforestation to your business for offsetting and engagement.

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A forest of trees

Gamify your company's activities by linking any action to planting a tree. Every interaction becomes another opportunity for customers and employees to grow their forest.

Example customer journey - app loyalty

Add sustainability to any in-app action by adding tree-gifting, or tree planting through point redemption. Reduce the overall footprint of your app and your users.

Loyalty sign-up
Activity & action rewards
Point rewards & redemption
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Ross Parsons

Director of Pursuits

The offering from OneSeed is practical, meaningful, and innovative. It was very easy to work with the team at OneSeed, who provided a range of options for what I was looking to achieve, which was increased engagement and feedback on a training initiative.

The JLL group were very impressed by the tree planting, which is really brought to life and made real by being able to track the progress of your tree. Whether it’s for internal initiatives to improve employee engagement or external client engagements, there are so many ways we can work with OneSeed again, and we definitely will be.

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