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The reforestation projects

Who plants the trees?

Reputable partner organizations whose sole focus is reforestation to counteract the devastating effects of climate change, while providing the social benefit of a lasting livelihood for local populations in developing regions.

Are all reforestation projects certified?

Each project has it's own set of benefits, both environmental and social. Some of our projects have obtained third-party certification, and others have not. For all our projects, we compliment our own tracking and CO2 measurement tools with third-party verification and certification standards to meet the highest CO2 offset requirements.

Are certified projects better?

Whether a project has obtained third-party certification or not is by no means an indicator of the quality of the project. These are just two different strategies for planting trees, both valid.

Do all projects address biodiversity loss?

By definition, all our reforestation projects address the issue of biodiversity loss. This is one of the main purposes behind our mission to restore our forests. When done right, planting trees sytematically increases biodiversity.

What are the project requirements criteria?

Every project we consider must address environmental issues, work closely with the local community, and incorporate the use of our Tree Tracker mobile app. Our requirements include both environmental and social benefits criteria as well as a strong focus on project management.

Is there ongoing project verification?

Our project verification relies on a combination of on-site as well as digital project analysis methodologies used to determine our own verification and quality for each project, following the UN Code of Conduct.

How is tree pricing determined?

Pricing is effected by labor, local resources, infrastructure and size of the projects. Smaller planting sites, while beneficial, do not benefit from economies of scale and have higher costs. We split our planting sites into different pricing tiers to account for these differences. Our goal is to plant as many trees for the environment as possible, while still ensuring maximum viability and impact. With that goal in mind, we do not markup the planting costs more than is necessary and pass those savings benefits on to our sponsors.

Is every tree monitored after planting and for how long?

While our TreeVerify system does support RFID and QR code post planting monitoring, we analyzed the additional labor costs of individual tree monitoring and determined there was a greater benefit to the environment by keeping the costs lower to plant more trees. We do monitor planting sites by satellite to identify above average problems due to fire, flood, and droughts and work to restore those areas as they are identified with our providers.

I paid $50 dollars to plant a tree with another provider. How are yours so much less, what is different?

That is a real question we received. Mostly it is about scale and location, we feel the greatest impact is not by planting 100 $50 trees, but 40x that amount for the same cost. We are supporting economies that badly need the work and are impacting the environment at greater scales. Your can review our processes on how we verify each project for confidence and quality if you are concerned. We do support planting in developed countries in the EU and of course those trees cost more, but we can't justify in good conscience a markup to $50 for the same trees.

Tree planting for individuals

Can I offset my personal emissions?

Yes! Click My CO2 at the top of the page to try our personal CO2 calculator and subscribe to an offset plan.

Can I gift a tree to someone else?

Yes. You can already gift a tree you've received to someone else. Soon, there will be an option to gift a new tree to someone else, or dedicate a planted tree in honor or memory of someone.

Can I request others to plant trees for me?

Yes! Coming soon, you will be able to share a request for others to plant trees for you as a gift for your birthday, anniversary, or any reason at all!

OneSeed.green media site

What is the OneSeed Media platform?"

A destination for users to access their trees, build their forest, and read the latest ESG business news and information.

Why am I asked to register?

Registering on OneSeed.green makes it possible to create a profile to "remember" all your trees and build your forest, set preferences, and view your impact. Registering is completely voluntary and you have total control over your information.

Why am I seeing ads on OneSeed.green?

Businesses may choose to advertise in the OneSeed Media platform, and you may see "green" content in the form of ads. Interacting with these ads will help plant more trees.

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