As an agency, are you helping your clients market sustainably?

Partner with OneSeed to turn campaign actions into climate action for client projects by planting trees for engagement.

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Impact they can see

Every tree planted through our regenerative reforestation projects provides layers of benefits beyond carbon sequestration, all visible through the digital tree & forest experience.

Habitat restoration
Community livelihoods
Soil restoration
Water purification
Biodiversity rehabilitation
Food security, and more

Example customer journey - events

Add sustainability to any touchpoint throughout an event by gifting a tree to attendees for completing desired actions. Reduce the overall footprint of the event.

Session quizzes
Feedback surveys
Booking a meeting...
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Jose Carlos Bezanilla

Greater China CEO

OneSeed is one our best Practice Partners, featured as the sustainability solution for the 2024 launch of our Beyond Great Marketplace.

At the GPTW Conference and Awards 2023 for Greater China in Shanghai, OneSeed planted a tree for each attendee, which was was instrumental in generating awareness of the event's green agenda. The response was very positive from our corporate clients, who were highly impressed with the level of information shown for each tree and the overall experience.

The OneSeed team was highly professional and responsive in assisting with the preparations for our flagship event. We are confident our clients will benefit greatly from working with OneSeed as one of our Best Practice Partners.

Become a partner

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Frequently asked agency-related questions

What clients are you working with so far?

We work with clients across a variety of industries, integrating tree-planting into a variety of use case touchpoints. Corporations including JLL; educational bodies including TEDx; SaaS platforms including Qualtrics.

Who will (or won't) OneSeed work with?

We are happy to work with companies making an honest effort to reduce emissions as much as possible, as fast as possible, within their value chain; and looking to contribute beyond their value chain to mitigate climate change. We do not work with industries widely considered to be the largest contributors to climate change, such as oil, as our values are not aligned.

How does OneSeed compare with other offers in the market?

We developed technology for the purpose of being able to capture and verify every single tree that's planted and share that level of transparency with the sponsor and recipient of each tree.

Does OneSeed measure advertising emissions?

We entrust the important task of measuring and evaluating the emissions generated from advertising activities to expert services like Scope3 and The Footprint Firm.

How much CO2 is emitted from digital advertising?

A single ad campaign can generate 70 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions from the three major contaminating phases of online advertising: the creative process, including travel, filming, and post-production; media broadcasting, with viewing or supporting tools; and targeting, with complex technology to determine to whom each ad is shown.

Can tree-planting data be integrated into client ESG reports?

Yes. OneSeed data from tree-planting activity is exportable to CSV or Excel, or can be directly integrated into any ESG reporting tool.

Is OneSeed able to present with our clients directly?

Yes, we are happy to be involved as needed to help incorporate climate action into your clients' activities.

Is there an incentive to partnering with OneSeed?

Yes. Contact us to learn more about our partner incentives.

Is OneSeed available in China?

Yes. Our Asian office is in Hong Kong, but we maintain separate CN servers to satisfy all PII regulations around personal data remaining in China. We support WeChat SSO for the end user, and we support multi-language functionality.

Are your planting projects certified?

Some of our projects have obtained third-party certification, and others have not. All our projects follow globally recognized certification standards criteria, augmented by our own tracking and CO2 measurement tools, to meet the highest carbon removal requirements. Each project has it's own set of benefits, both environmental and social.

When will the trees be planted?

There are many factors leading up to successful tree planting and how to align the timing with your campaigns, including seasonality, site preparation, and seedling readiness. We plant globally to ensure there is tree planting activity year round. Large volume campaigns may require several months' notice if terrestrial planting is a requirement.

Can my clients choose where the trees are planted?

Not all regions are ideal for planting year round. Therefore, we prioritize where to plant based on factors like seasonality, but will do our best to accommodate client requests.

Planting trees in the most ideal locations anywhere contributes best to climate action everywhere.