Add green to your Loyalty Programs

Sponsor real trees for milestones and add trees to your points marketplace now.

Tree Rewards for hitting milestones

When your customers accumulate enough points, reward them with a tree or forest in your name. They can access the forest directly from your application anytime.

Add Trees To your Marketplace

Consumers can purchase trees immediately with points and share or give as gifts to friends. We can integrate with any technology to add seamless checkout and delivery of the digital trees.

Trees to remember you by

Every tree you sponsor will feature your logo and message perpetually, providing brand awareness at every share.

Applicable to app user adoption and daily active use increase

How it works

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Contact us to start your free account.

We will walk you through setting up an account and determine the best integration model for your program. Realtime or order based options avaiable.

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Start rewarding

Enhance your application with forest counters, views and marketplace additions.