E-commerce Green Rewards

Offset your transactions and build brand loyalty

Reward Consumers with Actual Trees

A tree is planted and gifted to your consumer, that they can follow, name, share and re-gift.

Capture Feedback And Contact Info

Optionally present a form to ask questions and signup for specials and events.

Generate Brand Stickiness

Brand sponsor message follows trees when shared or regifted.

Company Green BIO Page

To promote your sustainable messaging, total number of trees planted and carbon captured.

Combine With Our Loyality Program

Perfect paring of our website loyality point system and tree gifting for the ultimate in consumer stickyness.

Generate Goodwill
Extend Marketing Reach
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How it works

It's easy to add tree gifting to your online checkout

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Decide which actions plant trees

Maybe it's one tree per order, a tree for every item, or a tree for every $100 spent - it's up to you!

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Integrate with your checkout

We support Zapier and direct API calls to generate secure tree links in real time or pre-generate in bulk to add to your system. Custom integrations are also available.