Qualtrics XM integration partner

Seamlessly integrate tree planting as a reward for each survey response. Available in the Qualtrics XM marketplace.

Add climate action to your surveys

Help restore our forests, one survey response at a time, where every response plants a tree. Empower your customers and employees to share in your sustainability story! Find OneSeed in the Qualtrics XM Marketplace.

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Watch your impact grow

Every tree planted through our regenerative reforestation projects provides layers of benefits beyond carbon sequestration, all visible through the digital tree & forest experience.

Habitat restoration
Community livelihoods
Soil restoration
Water purification
Biodiversity rehabilitation
Food security, and more

It's easy!

Visit the OneSeed Knowledge Base to learn more, or contact OneSeed directly.

Create a OneSeed account

Sign up is free and easy. Use our API callout to retreive a tree as a survey flow step. (Final step redirect also available).

Add Web Service element

In your Qualtrics XM survey flow, add a new element and choose 'Web Service' before the end of the survey.

Paste in the 'add member' URL

Paste in the 'add member' URL from OneSeed, and set the survey method to POST. Test, and you're done!

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Ready to get started?

Contact us to start planting trees.
This is a GREEN form. We will gift you your own planted tree on submit as a thank you.

Prefer email? Reach us at info@oneseed.eco