Gift trees for CTA conversion

Add sustainability to any marketing action by linking CTA conversion to the gift of a planted tree.

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A forest of trees

Gamify your company's activities by linking any action to planting a tree. Every interaction becomes another opportunity for customers and employees to grow their forest.

Example customer journey - events

Add sustainability to any touchpoint throughout an event by gifting a tree to attendees for completing desired actions. Reduce the overall footprint of the event.

Session quizzes
Feedback surveys
Booking a meeting...
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Chris Brown

Founder & CEO

ReThink HK is Hong Kong's best-attended and most ambitious business event for sustainable development. In 2023 we partnered with OneSeed and planted a tree for each of our 6,000 registrants.

OneSeed provided several options for integration and worked with our technology vendors to provide a seamless experience. A live display updated throughout the event, showing the trees that had been planted as new attendees arrived.

We wholeheartedly recommend OneSeed's tree planting rewards to other sustainable businesses.

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