Why plant trees?

The happiness your customers, donors, employees experience when they virtually visit a tree you have planted for them is invaluable. A tree they can watch grow for years to come. Easily and tangibly connect your stakeholders to your sustainability story.

Website Loyalty

"Green-label" the OneSeed loyalty program for integrated action-tracking and tree rewards to engage visitors with your site and sustainability initiative. Paid subscription required.

OneSeed Green Ads

Greenify your Digital Marketing. Encourage clicks and content downloads with trees for lead capture, while making your audience aware of your commitment to sustainability.

App Loyalty

Directly integrate OneSeed tree points and tree rewards into any Online or Mobile application to offset customer actions and increase usage.

eCommerce Rewards

Integrate with your online shopping cart to incentivize and reward purchases and post-purchase surveys. Paid subscription required.

Brand Engagement

Don't let your consumers walk out the door without knowing who they are! Unique QR codes on tags, packaging or receipts to connect with your customers. Paid subscription required.

Employee Engagement

Recognize your team for completing a training, providing feedback or a job well done, and build a sense of belonging to your sustainability initiative.

JLL Case Study

Networking & Events

Be memorable when making new connections and motivate next step actions with the gift of a tree that continues to grow instead of plastic throw away gimmicks.

LBS Conference Case Study
OneSeed Case Study


Reward your audience with trees for signing up to an event, newsletter, or loyalty program, connecting them to you and your sustainability journey.

NGO Fundraising

Plant a tree to thank donors for their contribution to your fundraising or donation initiatives, and encourage future and sustained giving.

Ross Parsons

Director of Pursuits at HK JLL

The offering from OneSeed is practical, meaningful, and innovative. It was very easy to work with the team at OneSeed, who provided a range of options for what I was looking to achieve, which was increased engagement and feedback on a training initiative.

The JLL group were very impressed by the tree planting, which is really brought to life and made real by being able to track the progress of your tree. Whether it’s for internal initiatives to improve employee engagement or external client engagements, there are so many ways we can work with OneSeed again, and we definitely will be.